Top 10 Dumbest Criminals Of All Time

Welcome to Top10Archive! If you are going to be a criminal mastermind or, try to even pull off a simple crime for that matter, you need to have some common sense. For the enjoyment of our viewers, thankfully, these ten individuals seem to lack any sense at all. This top 10 list is comprised of 10 of the dumbest criminals to ever be arrested. From burglars to murders, they’re all worthy of the title.

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10. I knew this sounded familiar…
9. The Sharpie Bandits
8. Outwitted By A Child
7. Give Me Back My Urine!
6. Return To Sender
5. No Light, No Crime
4. Get Outta Dodge
3. Jesus, take the wheel!
2. Let’s Make A Deal
1. My Gun Is Bigger

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