Top 10 Dark Treatments Doctors Used In History

Top 10 Dark Treatments Doctors Used In History
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The history of medicine is dark! Darker than one would imagine. On today’s Top 10 list we have scary medical stories and treatments that were used in history. Over the last few hundred years, humans have made huge leaps in science. Quite specifically in the medical sciences and thank god for that because if you thought some of the medical treatments that we have around nowadays sounded scary, you won’t believe the OTHER more dark medical treatments that were used just as recently as 50 years ago! Dont believe me? Then I will prove it to you! This is the Top 10 Dark Treatments Doctors Used In History, exclusively on Most Amazing Top 10.

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0:00- Intro
00:37 Snake Oil
01:53 Blow
02:56 Dope
04:06 Mercury Treatment
05:00 Female Pelvic
06:15 Bloodletting
07:13 Lithotomy
08:02 Lobotomies
09:00 Find out for yourself
09:56 Trepanation

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