Top 10 Terrifying Signals From Space That Should Have Been Kept A Secret

Top 10 Terrifying Signals From Space That Should Have Been Kept A Secret
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If you think about it. We are just a tiny floating piece of nothing that could be wiped out any second. The solar system is 36 billion times larger than earth. Like that scares me. Today we will be looking at some terrifying signals that we have received from space. From messages that could be from aliens to astronauts final words lets talk about all this and more only in todays video. Top 10 terrifying signals from space that should have been kept a secret.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:26 The alien signal | Space Mysteries
01:23 The WOW signal | Space Mysteries
02:19 The soyuz 11 | Space Mysteries
03:17 The 13 signals | Space Mysteries
04:01 The pattern | Space Mysteries
04:44 The mysterious flashes | Space Mysteries
05:38 The eerie sounds | Space Mysteries
06:15 Mysteries Radio Waves | Space Mysteries
06:55 The lost cosmonaut | Space Mysteries
08:08 The final words | Space Mysteries

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