Top 10 Historical Photos That Reveal Our Dark Past

Top 10 Historical Photos That Reveal Our Dark Past
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Photos are a way to capture moments in time, to remember our past, and memories. But throughout history a number of dark photos have been taken, that truly sheds the light on some messed-up things. From messed up experiments on humans to the lasting impact of nuclear disasters. Lets discuss this and more only in todays video. Top 10 historical photos that reveal our dark past.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:24 Experimental Electrical Stimulation
00:57 The lipstick man
01:51 The poverty
02:28 The nuclear shadow
03:06 The Stanford prison experiment
03:52 The wildman suit
04:31 The ruins of Hiroshima
05:04 The titanic
05:30 The Sanfrancisco earthquake of 1906
06:15 The American buffalo

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