Top 10 Mysterious Tomb Stones With Unknown Backstories

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Top 10 Mysterious Tomb Stones With Unknown Backstories
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A lot of people like to leave a nice little message on their headstone, or even a little joke. Sometimes though, the text inscribed on a headstone is eerie and mysterious or tells the story of a person’s unfortunate end. There have also been many scary secret messages on graves that have a sinister meaning behind them! So today we are bringing you the Top 10 Mysterious Messages Found On Tombstones | Marathon.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
02:15 John Renie | Mysterious Tombstone
03:20 The tombstone of Betty Stiven | Mysterious Tombstone
04:31 The library paste | Mysterious Tombstone
05:32 The baby monster | Mysterious Tombstone
06:14 The werewolf | Mysterious Tombstone
06:54 The turning head angel statue | Mysterious Tombstone
07:50 The victim of the beast | Mysterious Tombstone
08:47 The gravy of XYZ | Mysterious Tombstone
09:48 Mysterious gravestone | Mysterious Tombstone
10:55 The specimen | Mysterious Tombstone

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