Top 10 Mysterious Cults That SHOULD Be Feared

Top 10 Mysterious Cults That SHOULD Be Feared
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Cults are referenced throughout our history books as well as in pop culture and movies, but did you know that evil people and mysterious cults still exist today, with these groups coming together to worship demons, and preach their beliefs to one another. These are the Top 10 Mysterious Cults That SHOULD Be Feared right here on Most Amazing Top 10!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:24- Angel’s Landing
1:24- Children of God
2:14- Brethren
3:07- Raelism
4:00- Matamoros Cult
4:52- Doomsday Cult
5:35- Order of the Solar Temple
6:17- Aum Shinrikyo Cult
7:14- Church of Euthanasia
7:40- Church of Scientology

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