Top 10 AMAZING Animal Rescues Caught On Tape

10 AMAZING Animal Rescues Caught On Tape! Sometimes, after a long day, or even before one, we need a little boost. You know, something to remind us that there are good people out there, and great things happen all the time. This is why we’ve compiled a list of one of the most tear-jerking, faith-lifting things on the internet, animal rescues. From pups stuck in wells to even skunks saved by humans, here are the Top 10 Animal Rescues Caught on Tape!

10. Drowning Dog Catches A Break
9. Street Dog in a Tar Drum
8. Trucker Rescues Fox
7. Turtle Trapped in Cocaine
6. Cop Saves Kitten
5. Deer Rescue
4. Dog Saved from Floods
3. Daring Wolf Rescue
2. Man Frees Kudu
1. Not A Goalie

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