Top 10 Scary Inside Out Theories | Disney Theories

Top 10 Scary Inside Out Theories | Disney Theories
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Pixar has some of the best movies of all time, I’m not even just talking about animated, I mean of all the movies ever made Pixar hold strong and has been embedded in the hearts of kids all over the world. I Still remember seeing movies like Finding Nemo and the Incredibles in theaters. And one of these greats is of course Inside out, which is a movie about a prolapse but hole, JOOOOKING. of course its a movie about a girl whose emotions start getting out of control. Which leads of course leads to a bunch of crazy uncontrolled things happening and eventually brings everyone closer. Classic Pixar. And leave it to the internet to take a heartwarming story and find the dark hidden corners in it, and that’s how we got today’s list of top 10 scary inside out theories.

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