10 NEW Species of Wildlife We JUST DISCOVERED

Top 10 NEW Species of Wildlife We JUST DISCOVERED! Earth is a vast planet, massive to a degree that we may not quite comprehend yet. From an article published by National Geographic, humans have only discovered 15% of the species alive on our planet. The installment that follows will cover ten of those newly discovered species, gems that Mother Nature, up until recently, was able to hide from our prying eyes.

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10. Bumba Lennoni
9. Etendeka
8. Keesingia Gigas
7. Moroccan Flic-Flac Spider
6. Araguaian River Dolphin
5. Edwardsiella Andrillae
4. Tuberochernes cohni and Hesperochernes bradybaughii
3. Phryganistria heusii yentuensis
2. Limnonectes larvaepartus
1. Ampulex Dementor

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