Top 10 Strange Photos That Were Withheld From The Public

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Top 10 Strange Photos That Were Withheld From The Public
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While we can take photos exceptionally easily now and share them with the click of a button, things weren’t always that way and sometimes when photos were taken, they were hidden away for a while, only to be dug up later for us to view. From some creepy photos, to eerie ones, to ones that are just unbelievable, we’ve got a wide variety to cover on today’s list. What is up top 10 fam, welcome back to Most Amazing Top 10. I am your host today, Olivia Kosolofski and today we are going to be taking a look at the Top 10 Strange Photos That Were Withheld From The Public.

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01:05 The Reflecting Pool
01:47 Bikini Island
02:47 Huge Grasshopper
03:32 Prohibition Barrels
04:21 Neighbourhood Nuclear Test
05:21 Boston Marathon
05:59 Traffic Jam
06:54 The Three Jacksons
07:34 The Man Who Fell From Space
08:33 The Gadget

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