10 WORST Business Decisions EVER

Welcome to Top10Archive! We’ve all made bad decisions, but when was the last time your decision cost you millions? Though we know we have to live and learn sometimes, to do so at the cost of business stability and high profits is not quite the preferred method. For the executives behind these 10 poor decisions, we can’t assume they’d be too happy to relive their blunders through our “Top 10 Worst Executive Decisions” list.

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10. Murdoch Murders MySpace
9. Kodak Shrugs Off Digital
8. Turning Down the Beatles
7. Motorola’s Delay on Smartphones
6. Fox Sells Star Wars Merchandising Rights
5. Lehman Brothers
4. Coke’s New Formula
3. Carolyn Davidon’s Nike Swoosh
2. Blockbuster Turns Down Netflix
1. Declining the Telephone


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