Top 10 WES CRAVEN Facts You Didn’t Know

Welcome to Top10Archive! For over 40 years, Wes Craven defined the American horror film, bringing to life Freddy Kruger, Ghostface, and Eddie Murphy as a vampire in Brooklyn. His passing marked the end of a great legacy, one worthy for a look in a special Halloween edition from Top 10 Archive!

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10. Hailing From Ohio.
9. He used to be a Teacher
8. He Stumbled Into Film
7. His Start was X-Rated
6. He Breaks Out With The Last House on the Left
5. The Molder of Horror Icons
4. Wes Craven’s Two Nightmares
3. He Had Many Flops
2. His Best Friend Created Friday the 13th.
1. Not Everything He Touched was Horror Gold

Voice Over Talent:

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