10 EXTREME Haunted Attractions That Take It TOO FAR!

Welcome to Top10Archive! What makes a Haunted Attraction so extreme? That answer may be subjective, but the following locations go far beyond the requisite jump scares and ghost and goblin animatronics. These are the top ten most extreme haunted attractions… watch, only if you dare.

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10. Queen Mary Dark Harbor – Long Beach, CA
9. ScareHouse: The Basement – Etna, PA
8. Alone: An Existential Haunting – City Withheld, CA
7. Sinister Pointe’s Trust Challenge – Brea, CA
6. The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA
5. Creep – Los Angeles, CA
4. Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror – Las Vegas, NV
3. Heretic Horror House – City Withheld, CA
2. BlackOut/Inferno – New York City and San Francisco
1. McKamey Manor – Location Withheld



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