Welcome to Top10Archive! While us humans continue to search for resources, we’re not going to have a shortage of strange holes that seemingly open up out of nowhere. From fiery pits that look like the gates of hell opening up on Earth, to caves that will leave you in bat country – here is our pick of the strangest holes on Earth.

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10. Great Blue Hole (Belize)
9. Monticello Dam (California)
8. Davaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)
7. Kimberley Diamond Mine (South Africa)
6. El Zacaton Cenote (Mexico)
5. Devil’s Sinkhole (Texas)
4. Diavik Mine (Canada)
3. Guatemala Sinkhole (Guatemala)
2. Well of Chand Baori (India)
1. Serra Da Estrela Mountain (Portugal)

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