What Happens When You Enter Witness Protection?

What Happens When You Enter Witness Protection?
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the What Happens When You Enter Witness Protection?! We all know about the witness protection program in the United States and around the world but who actually goes into this program and does it always work? Find out in this animation video! Today, we look at who goes into witness protection scheme, why they do and also some of the perks and downsides of the program in this cool animated cartoon infographics video! #WitnessProtection #Facts #Animation

00:37 Locations
02:44 Education
03:24 Who’s in witness protection?
04:07 First names
05:01 A new look and disguise
05:48 How much money do you get?
06:33 Better school grades
07:04 Divorced parents
07:44 Misuse of the scheme
08:24 You have to lead a life of lies

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