Top 10 Punishments In History You WOULDN’T Wish On Your Worst Enemy

Top 10 Punishments In History You WOULDN’T Wish On Your Worst Enemy
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We often learn about the history and find that we can be grateful for how much things have changed, and that is exactly what is going to be happening today. There were some messed up punishments that existed in the past, with most ending up in death and today we are going to be talking about just a few because there truly are so many it’s super messed up. Today is not for the weak-stomached so watch as you dare top 10 fam. Today we are covering the Top 10 Punishments In History You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy. Happy spooky week

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:34 Rats
01:38 The Brazen Bull
02:24 Flaying
03:13 Breaking Wheel
04:26 By Boiling
05:13 The Rack
05:58 Crucifixion
06:50 Sensory Deprivation
07:43 Burning at the Stake
08:25 Sawing

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