Top 10 MONSTER Krampus Facts – The Christmas Goat Demon

Welcome to Top10Archive! You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. We’re telling you why. Krampus… is coming to town. When it comes to Krampus, a lump of coal for your yearly misdeeds is the least of your worries. For this very merry archive, we’ve got the lowdown on Krampus, Christmas’ very own demonic entity.

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10. The Christmas Devil
9. The Dollfuss Prohibition
8. Krampus is Santa’s Antithesis
7. The Long Tongue
6. Krampus was Labeled a Socialist
5. Krampus Also has a Sexual Side
4. The Fate of Children
3. Krampusnacht
2. Krampus in Modern Societies
1. It Pre-dates Jesus


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