Top 10 Prohibited Areas No Human DARE VISIT

Top 10 Prohibited Areas No Human DARE VISIT
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There’s a reason places are labeled as forbidden. In places labeled and ‘banned or prohibited’, you can find things that are not meant for us to see, and it’s probably for the better. From top-secret government bunkers to places filled with unexploded artillery that could go off at any second, let’s talk about the Top 10 Prohibited Areas No Human DARE VISIT.

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Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
0:10 Zone Rogue
0:53 Room 39
1:43 Vale do Javari
2:25 The Korean Demilitarized Zone
3:07 Metro 2
3:35 Varosha Cyprus
4:18 Pine Gap
5:16 Morgan Island
5:59 Mount Weather
6:42 Russia’s Nuclear Missile Facility

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