Top 10 Terrifying Medical Instruments In History

Top 10 Terrifying Medical Instruments In History! Though we think of technological advances as a daily occurrence today, in the past, things moved much slower. Today, we’re looking at the top 10 Terrifying Historic Medical Instruments that will make you grateful to live in the 21st century! This one gets quite gruesome, so be warned.

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10. Tobacco Smoke Enema Kit – 18th Century
9. Iron Lung – 20th Century
8. Bullet Extractor – 16th Century
7. Hippocratic Bench – 5th Century BC
6. Artificial Leech – 19th Century
5. Trephine – 17th Century
4. Hemorrhoid Forceps – 19th Century
3. The Stricture Divulsor – 19th Century
2. Dental Key – 18th Century
1. Amputation saw – 19th Century

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