Top 10 Dark Messages Hidden In Famous Paintings

Top 10 Dark Messages Hidden In Famous Paintings
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The world is blessed with some incredible artwork that has been created throughout history, whether it be the Mona Lisa, self-portraits of famous figures, or even mythical beings such as Medusa. There is art for literally everything. Yet, some artwork have dark secrets, hidden messages imbedded in the paint. Lets explore the sistine chapel, da vinci and more with the Top 10 Dark Messages Hidden In Famous Paintings!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:10- The Creation of Adam
1:04- Bill Clinton
2:07- The Madonna With Saint Giovannino
3:15- Cafe Terrace At Night
4:02- Medusa
5:20- Mona Lisa
6:33- The Ambassadors
7:15- The Old Guitarist
7:59- Netherlandish Proverbs
8:51- The Arnolfini Portrait

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