10 Murder Mysteries With Shocking Conclusions

Some homicide cases and murder mysteries have even more GOBSMACKING endings & conclusions than any movie or TV show could have. From the victim not being dead to a real life cannibal being set free, here are some of the most insane investigations ever, with 10 murder mysteries with SHOCKING conclusions.

Every good murder story needs a shocking ending – something that you’d never expect, like the butler did it or the detective did it or they all did it. Sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re far-fetched at times, but real life is often stranger than fiction. That’s exactly the case here, in fact. If, for instance, a movie revealed that a MOOSE was the real culprit, or that a stamp (or lack thereof) revealed the true killer; you would surely cry codswallop. But no, these things really happened – and here are eight more murder mysteries with shocking conclusions.

9) MOOSE MURDER (1:12)
8) WHAT’S THE BEEF? (2:09)
7) GUMBALLERS (3:04)
6) BAD COP (4:00)
4) ISSEI A KILLER? (5:59)
3) ??? (6:58)
2) ??? (7:51)
1) ??? (8:41)

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