Top 10 HORRIFYING Things Recovered From China

Top 10 HORRIFYING Things Recovered From China
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The horrifying discoveries on this list are low-key BIZZARE! Today we are taking a trip over to beautiful china, to look at some of the craziest discoveries ever made there. From brain monitoring devices to perfectly preserved mummies. Lets talk about this and more only in today’s video. This is the Top 10 HORRIFYING Things Recovered From China.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:13 The cave of the fairies
01:14 The fraudulent drugs
02:06 The village of hamin mangha
02:41 The organ transplants
03:36 The brain monitoring devices
04:19 The pit full of heads
05:00 Lingchi
05:43 The lady of dai mummy
07:03 The breed ready database
08:00 The hidden monk

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