Top 10 Video Game CreepyPastas

Welcome to Top10Archive! The internet is a breeding ground for creativity, and amongst that pool of user created content are little stories of horror known as CreepyPastas. Written as if real scenarios, CreepyPastas cover a variety of topics – video gaming included. We’ve scoured the internet, pulling ten of the best video game CreepyPastas for your listening pleasure. So dim the lights, lock the doors, and get ready for some tales that will make sleeping tonight a little difficult.

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10. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind JVK Mod
9. The Sims: Sonny the Clown
8. Super Mario 128
7. Sonic Adventure 2: Maria’s Revenge
6. Polybius
5. Pokemon Lavender Town Syndrome
4. MARIO Hack
3. BEN Drowned
2. Herobrine
1. NES Godzilla


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