Top 10 Most Sinister Conspiracy Theories

Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! If you’re the type that tends to take things at face value, don’t you ever just stop to think: “What if there’s more to it? What if there’s a darker and more ominous truth hidden from the world?” Maybe, just maybe, you’re not seeing the big picture and a bigger force is keeping you in the dark. Now that you’re good and paranoid, join us as we Archive the stories and possible hidden truths behind history’s ten most sinister conspiracy theories.

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10. Who Was William Shakespeare?
9. The Marriage of Jesus and Mary
8. Chemtrails
8. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
7. The CIA Killed JFK
6. The Murder of Princess Diane
5. The 2001 World Trade Center Bombs
4. The Weapons of Mass Destruction Conspiracies
3. Creation of AIDS
2. NASA’s Moon Landing
1. The Illuminati

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