10 Huge Mistakes Made By Massive Brands

From Dr Pepper’s provocative no-women campaign, to fake news by Fox and Heineken in hot water, here are 10 HUGE mistakes and controversies by the biggest brands and companies.

It may seem these days that EVERYTHING is a controversy. But some of the biggest companies on the planet are prone to misfires every now and then. Blizzard censored a champion, Fox put fake news out on purpose, Coke put out a disgusting drink – these are household names making terrible mistakes which, hopefully, will make you feel better about yours! Here are the biggest gaffes by corporations the world over.

10) A Cure For Wellness (00:00)
9) Mistranslations (1:15)
8) Blizzard/China (2:19)
7) Lighter Is Better (3:16)
6) New Coke (4:20 lol)
5) Dr Pepper (5:16)
4) Dunkin’ Donuts (6:18)

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