Amazing Benefits of Waking Up at 4:30 AM

Amazing Benefits of Waking Up at 4:30 AM
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the Amazing Benefits of Waking Up at 4:30 AM! Watch this cool animation to find them all out! We all love having a morning spent in bed relaxing but did you know that many people say it’s best to wake up early at around 4am! Jocko Willink let the world know about this navy secret that many of the world’s billionaires and millionaires also do to make sure they stay inspired and motivational throughout the day! Find out the secret to this magic wake up time in a cool animated cartoon video of infographics! #Motivation #Animation #Science

00:43 Time
01:39 Fitness
02:56 Creativity
03:49 Alone time
05:01 Money
05:51 How to wake up early at 4:30 AM

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