Welcome to Top10Archive! The LEGO brand may be wildly popular, delivering countless hours of entertainment to the right creative minds; but that doesn’t mean everything about the company and the bricks it manufactures is well known. Today, we are going to look at some of the most interesting facts about LEGO, their history, and their potential future.

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10. LEGO is an Abbreviation of Two Danish Words
9. LEGO’s First Minifigures Were Androgynous
8. LEGO’s Fanbase Created Its Own Glossary
7. LEGO Bricks Interlock Across Time
6. There Was a Real LEGO House
5. LEGO is a Form of Art
4. Largest LEGO tower is 114ft tall
3. A Brail Machine Was Built Out Using a LEGO Set
2. LEGO Minifigs Will Outnumber the Human Population
1. A Suicide May Have Attributed to Lego’s Success

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