Top 10 Pyramid Discoveries That Made Archeologists Shiver

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Top 10 Pyramid Discoveries That Made Archeologists Shiver
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There’s still tons of mystery surrounding the pyramids. The construction of the pyramids alone have baffled scientists for years. Today we will be looking at some of the creepiest ad unsettling pyramid discoveries out there, from deadly ancient boobie traps, to real life curses, lets talk about this and more only in todays video.

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00:00 – Top 10 Pyramid Discoveries That Made Archeologists Shiver
01:07 – Boobie Traps | Pyramid Discoveries
01:53 – The Missing Body | Pyramid Discoveries
02:36 – The Toxins | Pyramid Discoveries
03:33 – Valley Of Mummies | Pyramid Discoveries
04:23 – Canopic Jars | Pyramid Discoveries
05:10 – Little Coffins | Pyramid Discoveires
06:01 – Curses | Pyramid Discoveries
07:04 – Human Sacrifice | Pyramid Discoveries
07:34 – King Tut’s Heart | Pyramid Discoveries
08:22 – Mummified Animals | Pyramid Discoveries
09:01 – Comment Shoutouts
10:17 – Bloopers


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