Top 10 Declassified Documents That Reveal Unspeakable Things

Top 10 Declassified Documents That Reveal Unspeakable Things
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We all know by now that governments around the world, it doesn’t matter the country, are full of secrets kept very very hidden, but sometimes those documents get out, allowing us to see into that complex world. From horrible past operations involving both the CIA and FBI to nuclear weapon detonations that had catastrophic effects, all the way to some spilled presidential tea, here are the Top 10 Declassified Documents That Reveal Unspeakable Things.

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0:00- Intro
0:15- Rabbit Telepathy
1:48- The Gateway Process
3:08- The Cattle Crimes
5:17- Acoustic Kitty
6:20- Judgement Call
7:18- Operation Unthinkable
8:36- The Phonecall
9:27- Starfish Prime
10:51- The Challenger Warning
12:01- Operation LAC

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