10 Of The Biggest Drug Busts Of All Time

Welcome to Top10Archive. The war on drugs is an ongoing effort, the men and women of the Drug Enforcement Agency are working around the clock to bring down the heavy hitters in the world of drug trafficking. In this video, we will look at some of the largest drug busts across the world to date. All dollar amounts have been adjusted to reflect today’s value. It should be noted that this list is incomplete and just some of the largest drug busts.

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10. The California-Mexico Underground Railroad
9. A Win for the War on Terror
8. Australian Ecstasy
7. Taliban’s Haul of Hash
6. Mira River Cocaine
5. 105 Tonnes of Homer Simpson Labeled Marijuana
4. The Gatun Bust
3. The Fall of Tranquilandia
2. China White Heroin in San Fran
1. The Fall of Rafael Munoz Talavera


Why a Drug War Victory…Hurts

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